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Sunday, May 27, 2018

StrEATchef Food Truck: the street cuisine to treat yourself!

About us and our Food Truck

The story of the StrEATchef food truck does not just begin here at the food truck, it comes from far, far before is a logical development of a story based on Patrick Bretin’s passion for the french cuisine, when as a young man he decided to go to work to Michelin starred restaurants in France and afterwards in Luxembourg.

He and his wife then opened their restaurant in 1994, first a french restaurant, but quickly transformed in an italian restaurant, because the demand for this type of cuisine was what the luxembourgish market was aiming for. 20 years later, the restaurant is still booming and Patrick and Nathalie have understood that the business people in Luxembourg are ready for another type of ‘’eating out’’.

The street cuisine has come to the Grand-Duchy, the food truck ‘’StrEATchef’’ is a logical next step. At StrEATchef you will be able to treat yourself with home made cuisine, tasty and healthy, with a varied menu and also fingerlicking dishes that change every day because lunch does not need to be boring. Streatchef is not only a food truck, but much more than that!

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